Our vision is to become a world class ambassador of Mediterranean Cuisine for consumers around the globe.


Our mission is to sustain growth through customer satisfaction, innovation, commitment to quality and global expansion.


Our management team and staff are committed to this set of values:

> Careful selection of Natural Ingredients

> High Quality and Food Safety Standards

> Customer Satisfaction

> Innovation



Quality food is our priority; therefore we use the highest food safety standards and conduct thorough inspections at every stage of the production process to ensure it. We also select very carefully our ingredients and their freshness and purity is a constant prerequisite for our suppliers.


Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring our customers’ satisfaction is embodied in our values and its prioritization is reflected in the long lasting relationship we enjoy with partners and customers. Whether customers are looking for bio, kosher or organic products or even for a specific recipe we are able to meet perfectly their needs.



We detect upcoming trends and incorporate new ideas in our daily business. We work on traditional recipes and try to incorporate the most innovative technologies in relation to packaging in order to give consumers the best products. New technologies also enable us to produce traditional food on a large scale.